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Name:                 Maika Hermoso
Country:              Philippines
Birthday:             December 24
Interested In:       Photography, Travel, Food! (:
Hobbies:             Dancing, Playing Badminton
Favorite Color:   Blue
Favorite Food:    J.Co Alcapone Donut and Munchkins
Favorite Drinks:  Hi-C Apple

(: STALK ME :)

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Bitterweet Symphony

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Bittersweet Symphony Verse 2: Organized Clutter

This is basically the same template as my version 1. I just edited few codes and add more icons and blog pets as well (see bottom of page). But then my scatterbrain still needs her notepad so I'm sticking with this. (:

Feel free to browse thru my musings/rants/escapades as I tour around my country (and hopefully beyond)... Enjoy! :)

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