My Bucket list

I actually made a blog entry about this but I sort of find it hard to update it especially now that it was topped by a lot of more recent entries already so, I decide to re-post it a separate page so that I can view it also once in a while (and to remind me that I have a lot of things that I want to do).

Well, I started my bucket list with 50 things in it but as I explore new places and see new travel pictures I become tempted to add new stuffs to my list... So let's see when will I be able to tick everything off (but the first 50 are my along time priorities and I am hoping to thick them first)...

61. Try riding a habal habal (or ride in back of a motorcycle to go somewhere)

My first time to ride a motorcycle was last Feb. 3, 2011 when I went to
Venice Piazza, Fort from Market Market. I can't find any transportation
to bring me to the area other than a motorbike and I find it exciting
(but very nerve wracking) also plus I fail to document it. ):
That's why I'll try it again someday... probably the next time will be when
I visit Bohol or better yet try Surigao's habal habal. I'll document it then!

60. Watch NBA live (but since I do not know the NBA players nowadays I'm ok with PBA or UAAP Senior's Basketball)

59. Present a medical paper abroad 
(I, together with my thesis mate, was able to present our thesis in an international convention so I know I can probably do it in my medical research paper/s also. However, this item is actually frustrating me because my PGI case was constantly accepted in several international conventions already but I am still not able to present it due to several personal and financial reasons... hayst! In God's time.

58. Travel to Maldives (scenic view… very beautiful place – at least in pictures)

57. Go hiking (preferably Mount Pulag)

Taken last April 14, 2013
I actually do not know what is the exact location of this place;
 all I know is that this is in Antipolo. This is very unexpected.
We had our medical mission done in a nearby school
and afterwards the organizers invite us to have some foods
in their place. Never did we know that we have to
go through a lot before reaching their location.
VERY tiring but fun! (:

56. Do zipline

Taken last February 23, 2014 at EcoAdventure Park Loboc, Bohol
I wanted to try this even before but I never had the chance. I am just so
thankful that going to this adventure park was included in our itinerary.
Yay! I am actually scared at first but I love it. I'll definitely try
this again.

55. Buy a new camera (I want a camera that can be used underwater)

54. Watch a television show live (particularly ASAP Sessionistas shows d:)

53. Watch an international pyromusical competition LIVE and UPCLOSE (well, I used to watch Philippines' international pyromusical competition at MOA from the hospital windows and it looks nice to see it up close) click here for the blog

Taken last March 23, 2014
Finally able to watch the international pyromusical competition at
SM Mall of Asia and in the VIP area... (: Plus, I felt so lucky to be able to
watch Platinum Fireworks Inc. from the Philippines (winner of the pyromusical
competition in Ottawa, Canada.) They performed their winning piece.
Very entertaining! (: Plus, since what we watched was the closing ceremony
they invite Sarah Geronimo to do a short performance which was unannounced.
We are so lucky! (:

52. Go rafting and shoot waterfalls

51. Write a book (if at all possible not the academic type of book…)

50. Collect at least 24 national dolls (current status: 5 dolls, 19 left)

I guess when you are a girl you tend to be raised by your parents playing dolls. 
The same holds true with me- a typical story actually but I grew fond of it finally 
wanting to have a collection of dolls from different countries.

I started collecting dolls at 2003 when I went to Thailand and continue
collecting up to present. So far, I have dolls from Thailand, China, Hong Kong, 
Japan and Singapore however those dolls  from China, Hong Kong and
Singapore looks almost the same. Moreover, I only bought miniature Japanese 
dolls because the one with the normal doll size is too expensive. :(

49. Have a picnic at the park

48. Finish reading the bible

47. Make smores

Taken last April 29, 2013 at Laiya, Batangas
I never really imagined that I will be doing smores during our intern's outing.
I sort of thought of doing it with family or relatives. Nonetheless,
after cooking our barbeque and other meat, my friends and I decided to make 
our own version of smores before having our late night bonding or
kwentuhan. Fun and yummy!! 

46. Lie in the snow and capture that moment (if only it will snow in the Philippines… but I’ll be happy to experience this in Korea)

45. See a broad way show in London or NYC (I wanna see Les Miserables or Miss Saigon)

44. Watch the ball drop in Times Square on New Year’s Eve

43. See the Niagara falls

42. Visit Vatican City (and hopefully see the pope)

41. Play golf/ archery/ ice skating

40. Do zumba (or better yet aqua zumba)

Taken last March 22, 2014 at Balara Elementary School
I volunteered in an event in where the organizers taught the grade school
students of Balara Elementary School on how to exercise. To end the
event, they also taught the students and volunteers how to
do Zumba and Salsa. Great event indeed! (:
A. Photo while dancing Zumba. I encircled myself because I'm so small in the
photo. Photo courtesy of the organizer of the event.
B. Photo with the 2 kids assigned to me, Mica and Ella. Both were
grade 5 students but on different section. So cool kids. They enjoyed the
event. Both were so game with the activities. (:

39. Take my family to USA (or any country outside the Philippines)

38. Pass the Physician's Licensure exam on first take (please Lord! PLEASE!!!)

37. See and play with kangaroo

36. To watch/ swim with the dolphins

35. See the Eiffel Tower

34. Watch the sunset

Taken last March 24, 2014 at SM Mall of Asia, Seaside
Sunset is love!!! (:
I have seen a lot of sunset but this is the first time that I was able to
document it. (: I look like Elphaba of Wicked (green person) in my
selfie with the sunset... (:

33. Have a walk in closet

32. Learn and try surfing (or wakeboarding)

Taken last October 2012 at San Narciso, Zambales
My friends and I had our vacation.
We purchased a promo vacation tour which included free surfing classes
for an hour for 2 days. I may not be very good with this sport...
But I enjoyed it a lot! :D

31. Have a photo of me painted

30. Ride a cruise

29. Save a life

Taken last June 2012 at SJDH Blood bank
I am on duty and a private patient of my consultant needed to undergo
blood transfusion for her hemoglobin was 7 mg/dL already
(Lowest acceptable hgb limit: 10 mg/dL).
She's a Jehova and it was against their belief to undergo blood transfusion.
She was persuaded by her partner to undergo transfusion since she might die if
she continuously refuse. However, they can hardly find a blood donor thus a day
had passed without her being transfused. Her attending physician was worried
already and my senior resident tell the incident to me. I asked what her blood type is 
and since we have the same blood type I volunteered to donate.
The donation was successful and she received the blood
immediately after. Prior to discharge her hemoglobin was recorded at 12 mg/dL.

28. Watch a play

Taken last 2011 at RCBC Plaza, Ayala Avenue, Makati City
I was fond of going to Ayala Makati for comfort and leisure.
One of the  memorable moments that I shared with Makati is when Rent
was shown at RCBC Plaza 3 days prior to the start of my clerkship.
It was a fun filled and relaxing day after all.

27. Achieve my ideal body weight (hayst, my ideal body weight is so elusive… Fats must have loved me so much…)

26. Attend a 9 week St. Jude novena for 9 consecutive weeks

September 19, 2013 at National Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus
I have attended a couple of thursday novenas on this church since 2009 but
I was never able to complete it for 9 weeks ever. But today, on the same
date of the Chinese MidAutumn Festival 2013, I was also able to complete
 the 9 week novena of National Shrine of St. Jude. Wee! :) Hopefully from
this day forward I will be able to complete more 9 weeks novena. 

25. Visit Singapore

Taken last 2012 at Merlion Park, Singapore
I have always wanted to visit Singapore because of its good publicity
regarding its cleanliness and great science labs and work area.
Being there is such a privileged- from their delicious spicy foods
(chili crabs are so delicious), clean suburbs, well organized transport
system (their subway trains and hop in- hop out buses are so efficient),
high end automobiles up to their disciplined citizens, a Filipino will be amazed 
by how they managed to be great. I am so much thankful for my parents'
provisions and considering Singapore as a destination of choice.
I would  definitely go back there someday.

24. Watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics

23. Walk in the great wall of China

22. Ride a ferry to go somewhere

Taken last Summer 2009 at Super Ferry
Woot! Woot! First time!
We are going to Coron, Palawan for a Medical Mission/R&R
and since we cannot find a flight that is quite affordable for us
we decided to take the ferry instead. Yey!
We traveled for almost 24 hours and saw dolphins
and other sea creatures along the way.
Cool trip indeed.

21. Scuba dive (I have experienced snorkeling but not yet scuba diving… looks exciting)

20. See Banaue Rice Terraces/ any wonders of the world

19. Feed a giraffe (yes, I know this is weird)

Taken last 2005 at Calauit Safari Park, Palawan
Our Palawan experience was definitely an experience for me.
A lot of first time had happened.
Aside from my first time riding a ferry; it also gave me the chance
of feeding a giraffe and having a photo near a zebra.
We also visited the island where Survivor Philippines was taped
and climbed a mountain (another first time) as well. 

18. Ride a bullet train in Japan (I already visited Japan but I during that time I don’t have the time and budget to try this ):)

17. Travel abroad with friend/s

Taken last 2008 at Osaka, Japan
My thesis partner and I went to Japan to represent our thesis at the
poster presentation in the 22nd Asean Association of Biological Education. 
We also meet Blythe's sister who tour us around Japan.

16. Dance with my husband

15. Learn Mandarin Chinese

14. Write a letter to someone who inspired me

I just gave a card to a friend who inspire me before his graduation last 2007

13. Text someone for straight 24 hours

Circa 2007.
Oh well... Those were the days.
... but I hope I'll be able to fulfill this bucket list item again sometime...
I'll document it better. (:

12. Have my own house or car

11. Attend a Muslim wedding (or any Cuban wedding, Spanish wedding or anything that is far from the traditional wedding)

10. Have a no hassle birthday party (PLEASE!!! I really want this… Someone, please SUCCESSFULLY surprise me! d:)

09. Receive a bouquet

Taken last 2013 at Manila Hotel
White roses bouquet given by my orgmates. 
Not only did my orgmates helped me tick this off my bucket list, 
they also successfully surprise me. Thank you very much!

08. Watch UAAP cheer dance competition live: see blog entry here

September 15, 2013 at SM Mall of Asia Arena
This is indeed a momentous moment for me.
Having been able to cheer for my alma mater and do it with my
two best buds. I am indeed a very happy and lucky lady.

07. Cinema at the Park

Photo taken last March 09, 2014 at Bonifacio High Street
The British Embassy of Manila organized a 3 day event to showcase
the different culture, traditions as well as land marks or historic places in
Great Britain. One of their programs for the event is showing of
British or British inspired films.

Watching a movie in a park has been one of my most wanted bucket list since the
M2M days; but although simple this is not usually done in the Philippines so it took
me so long to tick it off. Finally!!!  Lucky for me that a friend of mine invited me
to go there and we are able to watch Notting Hill… I am just one happy kid.

06. Ride an elephant in Thailand (I have been to Thailand but I failed to visit Phuket… so sad)

05. Travel alone

Taken last 2003 at Bangkok, Thailand
Left photo: riding an tuktuk, Right photo: at Wah Phra Kaew
Actually, I did not travel alone as in all by myself
however, this tour was the first time that I traveled without
my family, relatives or with any close friends. I went to Bangkok
to join a lakbay-aral program of our school and since
this is my first trip abroad- this is also my first ride in an airplane.
So, alone+airplane+Thailand= happiness and experience. :)

04. Marry at St. James the Great church (I hope it is God’s will that I’ll get married someday and yes, I like this church better than Fernbrook’s)

03. Visit Venice and have a boat road in the Grand Canal

02. Visit Disneyland (hopefully in LA... but I just want to see Mickey Mouse)

01. Dance in the rain (as simple as it is but I haven’ tried it yet… hayst)

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