Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

I used to believe that no matter how costly a food maybe as long as its taste qualifies for its price I’ll go for it. However, Kanto Freestyle Breakfast proved that there are still gourmet foods that will satisfy your taste buds yet not be that costly.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is situated at 549 San Joaquin St., Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong City. It is approximately 20 to 30 minutes from the MRT Boni Station depending on the traffic flow.

It is a karinderya (yes, with the flies) that is situated at the side of the street. Their parking place was the street itself and there’s not much tables and chairs. Is the area easy to find? No! You can definitely miss it. I was actually lost the first time that I went to the area. I even asked for directions on the market area near the place and they do not know where Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is (in spite of it being televised and publicly advertised). So, if you will be going to their place - when you reach San Joaquin Street, the karinderya was opposite the street where you find the South Star Drug and Tapsilogan. This is how their place looks like.

Oh well, I arrived at their area for lunch and there are a lot of costumers during that time so they run out of garlic rice and they warned me before ordering that the food will take about 30 – 40 minutes to be served. And alas, it took them 40 minutes. Before I went to their place I was forewarned about their slow service so it did not bother me that much. On the positive note, the servers were nice. They try to attend to your needs even though there are a lot of costumers so kudos to them. (insert smiley here)

Blueberry pancake (Php 90)
Originally, what they serve is mixed berry, berry pancake but since the server informed me that it was a mixture of strawberry and blueberry (and I don’t eat strawberries) I asked them if I can modify my order and they gladly adapt. 

So, my blueberry pancake was first served and all I can say is that it is truly better that iHOP. The presentation of the food was nice. Furthermore, I was expecting that they will lessen the toppings of my pancake since it was originally a mixture of strawberry and blueberry but no, they put a lot of blueberries on the pancake and their pancakes were so fluffy. They served 3 pancakes for every order and that is definitely tummy filling.

Since I am taking my time while eating my pancakes I sort of played with it and it’s toppings. Happy pancakes for a happy foodie.  
Batangas Beef Tapa (Php 90)
Next served was my Batangas Beef Tapa. I have ordered this because I thought that I will not be satisfied with the pancake alone (since most of the pancakes that were served in restaurants/karinderya were air filled). I had a hard time eating this for I have a full tummy. But, it was so delicious and again the food was too much for its cost. I do enjoyed eating it very much.

Feeling hungry now? They serve breakfast for 24 hours so if you happen to be near the area I do recommend that you try eating there. Their products are definitely not overrated. You’ll definitely have no regrets.

Photo credits: FotoRus, InstaMag

Mandaluyong Branch: 549 San Joaquin Street, Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong City
Marikina Branch: 6 Aquillina St. Cor Col Divino Sto. Niño, MarikinaCity
Contact Number: 4002268

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/kantofreestylebreakfast


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