2013 UAAP Cheerdance Competition

Wow! I am just one happy lady today!

I have always been a fan of this competition since high school and I only got to watch this on television ever since. Of course, I wish that I could watch this live even before but my schedule never allowed me to (or probably because I do not have someone to watch it with and I am too lazy to buy my own ticket). But nonetheless, I was able to watch it this time because of my wonderful friends. I am just so happy and lucky as well. 

We arrived late so we missed FEU’s performance. T-T

So what we have watched first was UP Pep Squad’s piece. The party theme was cool and they were really superb. I may be biased for being a UP alumni but I am really a fan ever since and I should say that they really do great stunts. Something that were not found in the other school’s acts and they do improve every year- not using the same stunts year after year. I should say that UP is still the trailblazer in spite of them losing the champion spot. They may have missed a number of exhibitions but nonetheless; they still deserve a job well done commentary.

After UP, UE Pep Squad followed. I like their costume- very eye catching plus I also like their version of fire dance. They did it very well. It was nice to watch even in a far area from the dance floor. I also commend their dancers who almost got out of balance during the performance. They still manage to pull their selves up and continue the performance with a game face. 

Then, the DLSU Animo Squad had their turn. I really love the register of Ana De Leon’s face on television. She won the UAAP cheer dance stunner of the year award for this year and I believe she really do deserve it. As for their performance, it was great. The costume was cool and they did their routine very well with minor mistakes. No wonder they were able to bag the 2nd place spot. 

The fifth performer was the NU Cheer Squadron. Their performance was really beautiful. Almost all from our area (UP side) were cheering for them after they announced that UP bagged the first place. They really did a great job- simple but somehow perfect. They had a clean execution of their routines plus their split was really good. Ang ganda tignan. With all fairness to NU, they really deserve the champion spot. 

The UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe followed NU’s performance. They had a very catchy costume and introductory stunts. I love their concept as well as the way they did their costume change. It was so fast. They were also able to transform the pyramid in their ending flawlessly. However, they fail in the execution of their pyramids- a lot of times actually. I pity the first woman who fell on their routine because it seems like nobody dare catch her. If they have only carried out their routines perfectly it would have been a breath taking performance. They may even get the champion spot.

The second to the last performer was Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion. I am a proud Ateneo fan ever since even though I am not from that institution but I was disappointed with their cheer dance piece. For me it was boring. Moreover, they do not even have much supporters amongst the crowd. As compared to the other schools you will immediately notice the team spirit coming from their schoolmates but for Ateneo there are only a handful of supporters. Also, a lot of their routines were improperly executed. Kahit sila sila nagkakatamaan. Their pyramids and stunts were so simple that it cannot even be compared to any of the other schools performance. They really did a bad job I should say.

And the last performers were Adamson University Pep Squad. The male performers on their team were really good. I also like the hairdo of their female performers- it was cute, Jessie J-ish. As for their performance, they had a fast pacing of their exhibitions during the first part and it was really entertaining to watch. The feather props were beautiful and they used it very gracefully. However, the center of their pyramid failed to maintain her balance which was very obvious during their performance.  Also the way their dancers do their stunts were not the same- yung iba naka point then yung ibang dancers sa ibang part e ng feet nya nakahawak. But overall, they had a cute performance.

All in all, I really did enjoy watching the cheer dance competition live. It was really entertaining. Iba pa rin talaga when you watch it live – intense tsaka ang saya sa crowd. Plus, not only did I get to bond again with my two best buds… I was also able to show my support to my alma mater as well. I am indeed a proud UP alumni especially during that day. Hopefully this will not be the last time that I’ll be able to watch this but if it was I’m definitely satisfied.

Hey! By the way, this is included in my bucket list. So I got to tick this one out. Yey! So here’s my updated bucket list! :D (the new ones are those with yellow highlights… )

Cheerdance Competition:
Champion: National University
1st Place: University of the Philippines
2nd Place: De La Salle University

Group Stunts: 
Champion: National University
1st Place: De La Salle University
2nd Place: Far Eastern University

UAAP cheerdance stunner of the year: Ana De Leon (DLSU)

For references:
Here are some youtube sites where you can watch the cheer dance clips:
Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion, Adamson Pep SquadFEU Pep SquadLa Salle Animo Squad,
NU Cheer Squadron, UE Pep Squad, UP Pep Squad, UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe

More UAAP Season 76 Cheerdance Competition photos (but not of good quality… Sorry!)


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