Gourmet Italian dinner with a tight budget: Café Lidia

Café Lidia is a familiar spot for me for a friend invited me to dine with him on this place last 2010. Now we went to this café to celebrate my parent’s 26th wedding anniversary. The place was more spacious nowadays and they have a parking space already. Yey! (:

This is located in #64 Calderon Street, Kalumpang, Marikina City. For commuters, you can ride any jeepney going to Marikina and it will pass thru the area. For those with private vehicle, at Ligaya turn to the street opposite the side where you see the Sandugo outlet and Jollibee (be sure to turn on the way heading to Marikina and not the one going to Pasig) then turn right at Calderon Street (beside Metrobank) go straight ahead and you will see Cafe Lidia on the right side of the street.

Elegance defines this café. It really looks like a fine dining restaurant however when you enter their place a lot of people middle class men were inside. Moreover, their interior design suits their foods. Very nice.

 During my 2 visits in this place it is always jam-packed. This is definitely a hit for individuals near the area. Oh well, for the taste of their food coupled with its affordable price who would not love to dine in here. 

Fast, delicious and even though they have been featured in a lot of newspapers and/or tv shows their food are still very affordable.

Buffalo Wings Php 170
Their buffalo wings were the best I have ever tried. It was so tasty. Very enticing for an appetizer. Trying this is highly resommended! (:

Calamari Fritti Php 290
(Crunchy coated squid wings with tartar sauce - Casa Lidia)
They give big serving of their calamari fritti but as for the taste it is like any other calamari. 

Mixed Seafood Marinara Php 170
(in white wine and spicy marinara sauce - Cafe Lidia)
We also ordered a mixed seafood marinara. I have been craving for this since we went to Mama Chit’s and here it is. This is so delicious indeed.

Pizza Papa Php 230
(Bacon, Pepperoni, Ham, Beef - Cafe Lidia)
We also tried their all meat pizza- Pizza Papa. I liked the one that we ordered before. I think that’s House Special Pizza and Shrimp and Garlic Pizza. Must try!

For our main entrée, we ordered for chicken marsala, grilled pork belly and salisbury steak. Amongst the three I love chicken marsala but all were so tummy filling. 
Salisbury Steak Php 255
(200G of ground beef stuffed with mozzarella cheese with mushroom sauce,
served with mashed potato and mixed vegetables - Cafe Lidia)

Grilled Pork Belly Php 210
(Served wtih Java rice and mixed vegetable - Cafe Lidia)

Chicken Marsala Php 250
(Chicken breast sauteed with mushroom, sundried tomato and marsala wine
served with mashed potato and mixed vegetable - Cafe Lidia)

We’re so full actually but we still pushed to order for a dessert- a sylvanna. Yey! So happy! This is my comfort food ever since and I am just lucky to have found one in this store.
Sylvanna Php 25

If you intend to enjoy gourmet food but you want it inexpensive. This is the place to be. Must try!

Photo credits: Instagram, Photomarkr, PicsArt

#64 Calderon Street, Kalumpang, Marikina City
(02) 647 7606


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