Journey to PLE Journal #3

So I have been doing a lot of thinking - pondering about me and my upcoming exams (again)…

Through the process a couple of individuals still keep on telling me that I should really start hitting the books eventhough I am busy (or not?) for it is necessary. As I try to study a couple of subjects this has been my random thoughts - thoughts that I knew even before but is and will always be over emphasized every time I am about to take my exam OR thoughts that I have just realized now since I am under pressure…. :-/

  • I cannot study at home or with TV… Super distraction ):
  • I should surround myself with people who are also motivated to learn and study 
    • Because no matter how much I try to shield myself on their unsolicited rants/comments/advice the fact that I frequently spend time with them and I constantly hear their conversations I will still be affected.
  • I should guard my heart. 
    • Even though it is easier for me to study while in love I should refrain or at least try to refrain myself from having a lovelife, MU (magulong usapan) or any special something towards someone. If ever I will have someone in the processI should not prioritize him and probably remind him not to quarrel with me at least until after the exam proper. He should definitely be an INSPIRATION and not a DISTRACTION… 
    • NOTE TO SELF: License first before love.
To be updated again soon…

COUNTDOWN: 295 days to go before PLE August 2014


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