Day 21: Breakfast

January 21, 2013
Day 21: Breakfast

I rarely eat breakfast since October because I get out of bed late. But today, I shared a sumptuous breakfast with my friends… Super busog at super sarap!

(Valenciana - complete rice meal… sobrang bigat sa tiyan)

(Burger Sandwich - feeling healthy snack due to TLC...)

(Leche FlanI can eat this all day! Yum!)

(Ripe Mangoes and Bagoongfreshly picked from the mango tree… Crunchy!)

More of these foods and I’ll surely get even more stouter in no time. Hay!
Maraming salamat sa aming anonymous sponsor… J

Another reason to be happy…

Yesterday, I have three stickers left to be able to complete my sticker pad and now another anonymous Starbucks’ coffee drinker gave me her stickers... 3rd planner card is ready to be claimed.

I am also able to claim my mom’s CBTL planner… After almost 2 weeks of waiting. Yey!

Affirm the positive, visualize the positive and expect the positive, and your life will change accordingly.
Don’t forget to smile today…
<3 photographer-md


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