Day 22: Cravings

January 22, 2013
Day 22: Cravings

I so much wanted to have a J. Co donut right now. L
There’s this med rep who gave all my consultants today a dozen of J. Co… and it made me miss Alcapone… argh! Tsk!

Anyway, in replacement to my J. Co donut craving… 
God sent some Yellow cab pizza at our department. It was from a visiting senior physical therapist in out institution but is now working abroad. Whew, I so love food! J

Lastly, I really enjoyed being at St. Luke’s Global City. It was so cozy there and I so love their Starbucks’. Anyway, I went there today thinking that their Starbucks’ probably still have green or black planners… However, all I see was this…
I also visited 7 other Starbucks’ and it was only the white planner that is available. 
Sayang!  But, I had fun traveling from Taguig to Ayala. Comfort places… J

For those who were looking for black and green Starbucks’ 2013 planner do not visit these branches for they have none: 
(1) Starbucks’ The Fort, 
(2) Starbucks’ St. Luke’s Global, 
(3) Starbucks’ Greenbelt 3, 
(4) Starbucks’ Makati Stock Exchange, 
(6) Starbucks' China Bank Bldg. Ayala, 
(7) Starbucks' Standard Chartered Bldg, 
(8) Starbucks’ People Support Building Ayala, 
(9) Starbucks’ The Columns Gil Puyat, 
(10) Starbucks' SM Megamall
(11) Starbucks’ Pedro Gil and 
(12) Starbucks’ Bayview Park Hotel

Affirm the positive, visualize the positive and expect the positive, and your life will change accordingly.
Don’t forget to smile today…
<3 photographer-md


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