Casa Naimas

So I was delegated by my mom to fix my sister’s Philhealth reimbursement papers and one of the task that I must do is to visit her agency at Chino Roces, Quezon City. On the way to her agency I passed by a Filipino Restaurant that serve Ilocano foods and so I was enticed.


Casa Naimas is situated at 5 Tomas Morato corner Kamuning Road, Laging Handa, Quezon City. I am not really knowledgeable about the various ways to go to their place but since I am from Gateway, Cubao, Quezon City what I did was to take the overpass from Aurora to EDSA then ride a jeepney to Chino Roces. The jeepney passes by the restaurant. It is at the right side of the road before McDonald’s and UCC café just before. It is approximately 30 minutes jeepney ride.

I have only met one server and she apparently she was also the cashier who took my order. She was very accommodating and she served my order fast which is a plus point for them since I was really hungry during that time.


As their tarpaulin says, they serve Ilocos Empanada, Bagnet, Longganisa and Bibingka.

I ordered their combo meal and an ilocos empanada.
The Combo Meal Php 150

The combo which serve bagnet and longganisa combined. It was really delicious and plentiful. I had a hard time eating it since the serving was plenty.

Special Ilocos Empanada Php 50

The Ilocos empanada was another delicious treat. I really love ilocos empanada and I was hoping to taste the one that is really from Ilocos since all that I have tried where from the metro. But their ilocos empanada is a must try.

If you came to pass by their place I truly suggest that you try their food. A budget of 100 – 250 is enough to fulfill your hungry tummy.

photo credits: FotoRus, InstaMag and PhotoMarkr

5 Tomas Morato corner Kamuning Road,
Laging Handa, Quezon City
(02) 788-1383
Open Monday to Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM


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