Frank's Bulaluhan Tanay, Rizal

In spite of the heavy rainfall due to Maring’s habagat we still manage to go to Tanay, Rizal to visit Regina Rica. On the way to Regina Rica we had our lunch on a restaurant/carinderia along the road, Frank’s Bulaluhan.

Frank’s Bulaluhan is situated in Barangay Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal front of Pranjetto Hills Hotel and Resort.  To get to the place take the Marcos Highway and run through the road towards the east passing Sta. Lucia Mall, and Masinag Market. Follow the road until you arrive in Tanay. It is along the left side of the highway before you reach the town proper of Barangay Sampaloc.

According to the owner this has been the famous stop over of motorcycle riders. The place was also featured in the mo2rista magazine earlier this year.

The owner welcome us with his pets. Since it is raining hard during that time we are the only costumers and they have served us very well. Their household pets were friendly too. :)

We had lunch in the area and we ordered for bulalo and pancit canton. 

I failed to get the prices for the food but it was way cheaper than that found in the metro or in the city area. The bulalo was really superb. I like their bulalo better than that in Tagaytay actually. 

The pancit canton was ok for me. I am not really a pancit canton fan and I somehow like it slightly dry. However, they do their pancit canton oily and saucy. But it unlike the other pancit canton they put a lot of vegetables and meat on it which makes it delightful.

My parents and I enjoyed our stay at Frank’s Bulaluhan. We enjoy the food as well as the stories told by the owner himself. It was indeed a pleasurable experience for me and I will surely come back to their place soon.

Photocredits: FotoRus, PicsArt


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