Experience Filipino Culture: Loboc River Floating Cruise

This is always included in the iterinary when touring Bohol. I have experienced the 2 buffet cruise and I like the one in front of the ruined Loboc Church than Rio Verde.

Both buffet actually serve Filipino main dish and desserts they also both have singers that entertain as the cruise take its course. As for the price it as also almost the same. The difference lies in the route of the cruise and the tourist entertainment included.

The Rio Verde has a tribe in the end of the river cruise. The visitors will alight the cruise and go to a small island where several kids and adults arranged areas for picture taking. There are also fire dancers and kids who do exhibition in the river.

For the buffet whose main entrance is at the front of the ruined Loboc river there are Filipino kids and adults who dance several ethnics themes and dances. The visitors can watch at the boat or they can dance with the kids. The scenery are also much more beautiful and more picturesquevas compared to the other buffet. There is also a mini falls in the end of the cruise.

The Loboc river cruise is a must visit indeed. You're missing a lot if you'll miss this wonderful experience.


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