Dining at a Floating Restaurant: Kainan sa Balsa

After attending a convention in Dasmarinas, Cavite my friend’s mom join us for dinner and she want me to try Kainan sa Balsa since I have never been there.

The restaurant had the table arranged on top of a body of water (I think it was a river but I’m not that sure), hence the name “Kainan sa Balsa”. The customer will first order upon entering the restaurant. The order area was near the cashier. Afterwards, the customer will then choose his/her own table. Each balsa has a bell on it that you may ring if you have follow up orders or requests.

The restaurant offers a mixture of seafood, fish and meat products. Good thing it has pork since one of my friend was a picky eater.

My friends were the one who ordered for our food and they choose grilled tuna, lamb meat, lechon kawali and pork barbecue.

Grilled tuna

Lamb meat

Pork bbq

Lechon kawali

All were so delicious. This is my first time to try lamb meat and I like the way they cooked it. Yummy! I also don’t eat tuna but I tried their version and find it delicious as well. Of course, barbeque and lechon kawali taste good but they were cooked typically.

The experience was fun. The place was also good for photographs however since I do not have a digital camera with me my phone cam had a hard time taking clear photos since it’s flash was not that good. Nonetheless, this restaurant is a great place to visit - affordable and delicious food.


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