Revisiting Visayas: Bohol, Philippines

So I am in Visayas again. Upon visiting Cebu and Bohol last year my mom wanted to go and visit Bohol as well. We always go to Cebu but has never been to Bohol so this is my fam's first time and my second.

A cousin of our hospital nurse reside in Bohol and they have a tour agency so I coordinated with them and this was our itinerary.

  • Blood Compact Monument 

  • The Baclayon Church 

  • The Biggest Python 

  • Loboc Church

  • River Cruise Floating Resto 

  • EcoTourism Adventure Park

  • Tarsier Sanctuary 

  • Bilar Manmade Forest 
  • Butterfly Garden 

  • Chocolate Hills 

  • Souvenir Gift Shop


  • Dauis Church Shrine

  • Hinagdanan Cave 

  • San Agustin Tower
  • Sea Shell Museum 

  • Bayoyoy The Dwarf 

  • Bohol Bee Farm 

  • Alona White Beach

Had fun visiting visayas even though some places were ruined by the earthquake. Nonetheless, the beauty and grandeur of Cebu and Bohol stays the same.


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