Boodle fight with family at Seafood Island Camp John Hay

So what is a boodle?

Choose Philippines and Yahoo Answers define it as a gathering where food (usually composed of pansít, or steamed rice and sardines) was served on old newspapers or banana leaves spread over a table and eaten with bare hands. It is a military style of eating that symbolizes fraternity and equality among members by sharing the same food without regard to rank. 


Well, it's the time of the month when we, as a family, go out complete (yup, with our 2 dogs because they are part of our family too) and for a change, today we decided to try Blackbeard's Seafood Island's boodle for lunch.

Kumain ka na ba ng boodle? (Did you ate boodle already?)

This was the line that welcomed us as we walked thru the area of Seafood Island in Camp John Hay and to answer that question I, together with my family, haven't tried it yet.

Seafood Island in a sister company of the Red Crab which offers mostly seafood but with some pork products too. It is famous for its boodle fight type of food.

Seafood island is located at Ayala Technohub that is near Camp John Hay's gate 1. It's store is in front of Yellow Cab Pizza Co. and Starbucks Coffee and beside Army Navy Burger and Burrito.

The staff greeted us happily at the front door as we browsed thru their menu. I actually commend the waiters of this restaurant because they immediately respond to their customers requests. They also wear cute uniforms- floral polo and shorts, which I think is appropriate for their seaside/beach themed restaurant.

We ordered for Dagupan's Pride Boodle Feast and iced tea pitcher.

The boodle feast was ok. I like how they cooked for the pork bbq, white shrimp, tahong and liempo but for me the bangus and bagoong rice lacks flavor.

My parents also complained that the ulam is too limited for the amount of rice which made us to order for additional bangus sisig (Sorry, I failed to took a photo of this). I like thier version of bangus sisig - very delectable.

Overall, I enjoyed dining here for this is the only known restaurant where you can use your bare hands to eat which is also very traditional for Filipinos.For me, I had fun eating more thru pagkakamay than thru using spoons and fork. It reminds me of provincial type of eating while in the city. What makes it even more enjoyable is that almost all customers eating on the other tables are doing the same making you feel more at home. (REMINDER: Wash your hands thorougly before eating when you intend to use your bare hands.)

For foodies who want to try eating here. The next pictures show their menu and the last one list their branches location.

So, kumain ka na ba ng boodle? Tara na!Kain na sa Seafood Island!

Seafood Island
BPO-A Retail Space 1 & 2 Baguio Ayala Technohub Camp John Hay, Loakan Rd. Baguio City
(074) 244-0113 / 0917-566-41-64


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