Everyday Breakfast at Tapsi ni Vivian Cainta

This is the recent rave in our hometown and since my mom saw that there are a lot of patrons in this restaurant we opt to try it too.

Tapsi ni Vivian is a carinderia type of restaurant that sells mostly tapsilog but they also sell other home cooked foods.

The one that we visited was located along Ortigas Ext. near Brookside Hills Subdivision in Cainta, Rizal. According to my friends, this one is the 2nd branch already. The first one was at Marikina.

This is our second visit on Tapsi ni Vivian. During our first visit we arrived at around 9 or 10 am and it was weekday so the restaurant is not very jampacked. Thus, the staffs easily accomodate each and every customer and our orders were served in no time. However, during our second visit we arrived at around 10-11 am on a sunday. We had to do double parking because all the slots were taken plus the staff were busy with the numerous customers and the orders were not easily served. I commend the guard of the restaurant for he did  his job well during those times that we visited the area especially in arranging the parking of their customers. 


Bulalo soup (:

During our first visit I ordered for lechon kawali silog while my mom ordered for dinuguan silog.

Lechon Kawali Silog
The lechon kawali silog is super worth the price. It was delicious and with many servings aa well. The way they cooked their egg is commendable... not well done but not very raw.

The dinuguan was also delicious. It was cooked the way we wanted it.

During our second visit my mother ordered for the same combo. I ordered for adobo silog and my sister ordered for their tapsilog. 

Their adobo silog is ok. It taste good but I like the lechon kawali better.

As for their tapsilog, my sister and I find it quite sweet. For me, tapa king's better.

Halo halo (this is too sweet)

Saba con yelo (must try!)

Mais con yelo

Really had a great time dining here. Someday, I'll try their calamares. It looks delicious. For those who want to try their food I personally suggest that you eat during those time where the place was not so jampacked so you'll enjoy your stay better.

Tapsi ni Vivian
Ortigas Avenue Ext., Cainta, Rizal
Open 24 hours
(02) 6450125


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