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Journey to PLE Journal # 13

Usually, I do schedules whenever I have a task at hand but my utmost problem is to stick to my schedule. Believe it or not I was doing a review schedule for my board exams since October 2013 and I feel like I haven’t even finished something. Since I sort of have 1 and a half month left before the start of my formal review classes I have to somehow browse thru my books so that I will not be left clueless during my class. One and a half month is too short for studying what I have studied for 3 years in formal lectures… I should really start reading plus I don’t really want to cram for this exam even though that is probably what I do best during my student days… Hayst! This is way too crucial for me. I must get that 6 digits by August!!!

Again, I am proposing a schedule for myself and hopefully I’ll be able to stick to this one… 

I prefer to study Biochemistry, OB-Gyn, MicroPara, Legal Medicine and Preventive Medicine first because for me Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Surgery and Pharma are directly related to each other and it will be better if I study them simultaneously. Also, the first 5 subjects are lighter to study than the latter 7 subjects.

Regarding review materials, I do not have much review materials so I’ll probably start with my lecture notes since I still have some of them plus I’ll try to study pretest. Though, here’s a list of the review materials that I used during my medicine school proper and for my comprehensive exam.

  • Clinical Anatomy Review by Snell (very good review material)

  • BRS Physiology (again, another good review material… definitely a must read.)

  • Digging up the bones

  • Digging Up the Bones

  • BRS Pathology

  • Katzung and Trevor’s Review of Pharmacology (very informative book but I had a hard time reading it)

  • Hi Yield Medicine
  • Harrison’s Study Guide Questions

  • Blueprints Pediatrics

  • Surgery Recall

  • Blueprints OB Gyne

Of course I was not able to read all of those books (I am not geek!) But, somehow they helped me during my medicine proper days specially when I do not have enough time to read the mother book (specially Patho!) But among all those reviewers what I highly recommend is the BRS Physiology. It will definitely help you understand Physio better. I do not use any reviewer for Preventive Medicine and Legal Medicine. I rely on my lecture notes and power point presentations for that.

I’ll probably post an entry regarding review materials once I’m done and over with my board exam (or when I find some during my review) but for now I’ll probably settle with what I have. 

Wish me luck!

COUNTDOWN: EXACTLY 150 days before PLE August 2014


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