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Journey to PLE Journal #16

Met kuya Webster today. He successfully bag the top 3 spot last February and he was the top notcher of our batch (proud friend here. :D)

I am just so happy that even though I do not ask him for his review materials he volunteered to lend them to me. Such a sweetie. Plus, I am just so thankful that he is willing to help me with studying even though we're quite miles apart. He told me that I can always text or call him if ever.

I will always thank the Lord that he made me meet great people during my med journey as well as giving me a brother in Web's persona who's always willing to help and support me just like a biological brother. Feel so blessed (and pressured as well).

His materials are so bulky... Hopefully, I can read and study all of it.

I wanted to post a photo of us but I have none. He told me that he will not take a photo with me unless I pass the PLE on August. Mind you, for such a photo addict his condition successfully threaten me. At least I have something to be excited with. By August I'll be meeting him again and by then we'll have a photo together... with OUR license. Yay!

COUNTDOWN: 131 days before PLE August 2014


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