Holy thursday bonding at Leslie's Restaurant, Tagaytay

Most of my friends were having their residency already and this holy week is the only time that we'll be able to meet each other.

We initially plan to visit Pangasinan and tour Alaminos and Ian's home as well but due to a lot of reasons (i.e. schedule conflicts, unable to buy bus tickets, etc.) we decided to spend the holy week in Tagaytay instead.

I have been to Tagaytay for a couple of times but I have never tried Leslie's or Josephine's. My friends then opted to dine on either restaurant.
Car shot (Photo grabbed from Fai)

Tagaytay was so populated today. Traffic was everywhere. Super hassle. Good thing Leslie's Restaurant can still accommodate customers even though they have a lot of patrons today.

Great veranda

Overlooking Taal

Taal volcano

We ordered for a couple of spicy foods. 

Laing con Hipon (Php 249)

The laing con hipon was ok. This one was not spicy but the shrimp was cooked well. 

Seafoods Bicol Express (Php 399)

Karen also wanted to try the seafood bicol express. I find the dish cool as well since I often eat bicol express that is made of pork. Anyway, the seafood bicol express is superb. A must try dish. It was not so spicy and very flavorful. My new fave.

Bulalo Special (Php 999)
Of course, we will never miss Tagaytay's famous bulalo... Yum! Yum!

More than the food we also enjoyed the serenade of the restaurant's house singers and acoustic players. We also had a great time catching up while waiting for the traffic to subside. 

Fairoz and Kuya Web

Elysse and Me

Hay! You can never go wrong with great friends and great restaurant. Two thumbs up for Leslie's Restaurant.


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