Orientation Day

Journey to PLE Journal #22

Topnotch made their orientation for the all 5 sections today at UP Bahay ng Alumni.

The place was so jam-packed. But the benefit of it was I was able to see much friends today starting with Anne Cocos, the Feb 2014 PLE topnotcher, other college friends as well as medicine classmates and friends. 

Anne Cocos giving her talk about how to pass the boards.
She will now be a Topnotch mentor. (:
Bad quality photo.Sorry!
This is Tope and Deanna. I used to be the adopted ate of their group.
Haven't seen them since after grad and I was actually not expecting to see them
today. They were enrolled in section Cambridge (Fairview) which made me
more frustrated that I was not able to be included in the Fairview section and landed
in New Manila instead.
Food trip at Diliman... Feat. Jing's Fruit Shakes

Mang Larry's Isaw
With Jess and Cynthia at Rodic's for lunch
Today is a long day but not so tiring. 

Tomorrow will be our diagnostic exam and I’m sort of nervous for that. I actually feel like I do not know anything about medicine theoretically especially the basic sciences. So I’ll still hope for the best.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

COUNTDOWN: 102 days before August 2014  PLE


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