Day 18: Progress

January 18, 2013

Day 18: Progress

Seeing a sick person is such a distress on a doctor’s part. But when you see a patient improve, no mater how gradual that is, was such a relief.

We have a patient who undergo PT and OT sessions for she has dementia. She was an elderly and you can barely understand her phrases when we visit her every morning. But this afternoon it was different. She was brought at the center for another session  and while doing her PT she was so noisy probably due to pain or something. It was bearable but sort of annoying… After her PT her OT session commence. Her therapist do the blowing candle test and she enjoyed it. Her happiness fill the area while she was doing the exercise and it was contagious. I really hope she get well soon.

As mentioned, yesterday was my first super gloomy day of the year and I share my emotion outburst with my close friends today. Well, I am just thankful to my Lord for giving me great and wonderful friends. After all the drama and stuffs I realized that I just need a reassurance and Cla gave that just when I needed it most.

To Cla, yes. I feel the same. You will always be special amidst the distance. Love you friend! Thanks J

Affirm the positive, visualize the positive and expect the positive, and your life will change accordingly.
Don’t forget to smile today…
<3 photographer-md


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