Day 29: Improvement

January 29, 2013
Day 29: Improvement

Probably one of the most memorable department that I went through in internship was Internal Medicine. Not because I want to be an internist someday or because it was my first rotation but rather because I enjoyed each and every day of my patient interaction when I was there. It seems like even if I am in other department I always go back to the wards of IM may it be ICU, service or pay.

I am currently at Rehab Medicine and I still have a lot of patients referred to our department from IM… and that is definitely not a thing I complained of. I met this elderly patient at the service ward who was a case of CVD with right residuals. Upon admission, she was placed at the ICU and was eventually transferred to the wards. When I first saw her, she was very cooperative, bubbly and answers almost all of my questions with grace. However, days after her referral she was intubated due to aspiration pneumonia. She looks so ill and had undergo CPR and defibrillation to be revived. Good thing that after defibrillation she go back to her senses again. Yesterday, I visited her and she was still intubated and ill looking. I was somehow looking for the first patient that I saw - the bubbly granny that I used to talk with. After talking with her relatives I, together with my consultant, left. My consultant told me to visit her today which I did. Much to my surprise she was extubated, moving both his extremities (although her right is still weaker that her left) and was able to do some dance moves. I am just so happy to see her again like that. I hope she recovers fully. To my happiness, I asked her if we can have a pic taken and she agreed with full smiles. Here is our picsJ

Looking back my med school days I enjoyed the Neuro and Renal part of medicine and just that – the rest I hate. I can probably say that among my med subjects Medicine is my weakest. I almost have anxiety attacks when I am taking med exams. Further, I never really spared my precious time reading my textbook for that (except for the Neuro and Renal part) and after reading it I immediately forgot. But my SJDH internship makes me enjoy it a little like when I was still in med1. I may not say that I am now motivated to study medicine but somehow I have the drive. Thanks to my mentors and patients. I will always look back to these days that I shared a year with you. J

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey

Our breakfast… J
(Corned beef)


(Lechon Kawali)

(Starbucks’ Mocha Frappuccino)

It will always be fun to eat with friends…

With times like this, I remember those days that we used to have potluck for lunch nung 3rd year med.
Old but fun filled memories.

Affirm the positive, visualize the positive and expect the positive, and your life will change accordingly.
Don’t forget to smile today…
<3 photographer-md


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