Anxiety Attack (?)

Journey to PLE Journal #1

I have approximately 361 days before my physician licensure exam next year and I am freaking out as early as now.

I don’t really know what to feel. I am having butterflies in my stomach, palpitations and all of those stuffs that
I usually feel when I am having my anxiety attacks before an examination. I do not actually know what to do. I am downloading reviewers and stuffs which aggravate my worries even more and in spite the fact that I do keep on telling myself not to panic and to be calm- I can’t!

I know I have a lot of time to read but I do not actually know where to start. Plus, I am very much distracted with a lot of stuffs as well as with a lot of negative thoughts. This is bad! My optimism is running out of the drain. :(

I hate this feeling very much! This is actually driving me insane!

I am holding on to my favorite verse… 

“Put your worries in the Lord for He cares for you.”
1st Peter 5:7

But I am really really nervous! :(

I have read these phrases from a blog… and this is my prayer from this day onwards…

“I surrender to you Jesus, every worry, every fear, every problem, every heartache, every ouch, 
every thing that does not serve You.  I surrender to you, and open myself to Your perfect plan to 
take all this mess and turn it into Your glory. I now pray that when others see me, 
they'll see You. I lift everything to You!”

To those who will be reading this. PLEASE! Please pray for me and to the other doctors who will be taking the physician licensure board exam. Your prayers will be highly appreciated.


Vitori Vita said...

Will keep on praying for your success Doc... I guess you are having your internship right now... Study hard? And pray harder... ☺��

Rosa Mistica Hermoso said...

Thank you so much! Your prayers is badly needed. Thank you for praying with me... I'll include you in my prayers as well... Again, thank you!

Study hard, pray harder - Yes, I'll do that! 😊

writergirldreams said...

Wheeeee, awesome, not only that you found me, but found my SURRENDER prayer, and then, put it in your blog!!!!!!! Yay!!!!! Wheee!!!!! Praise God!!!!! Thank you for making my day!

writergirldreams said...

Oh, I almost forgot, you are on my prayer list Girl, you got this, HE'S GOT YOU! xoxo

Rosa Mistica Hermoso said...

yup... I did... and thank you for your entry... that was exactly what I needed when I made this blog. :)

I am really praying for my exam. Thank you for your prayers... You're on mine too. :)

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