Feel the Magic of Christmas at Ayala Triangle Gardens: Lights and Sounds show

Third time in a row! Woot! Woot!

I think this has been my annual addiction and just like before they never fail to amaze me and made me have that very big smile.

Ayala Triangle Garden's trademark (:

Food stalls at Ayala Triangle Gardens

Jogging area

This is a perfect jogging spot during evening. There are a lot of
joggers in this place starting 5:00 PM and the place is open
until 10:00 PM

Before the lights and sounds show 

for this year, anyone can donate thru the several donation
boxes located around the area. Proceeds will go to the victims of
Super Typhoon Yolanda

Nice thought.. (: Let us give lots of love and share our blessings
this Christmas season! (:

Lights and Sounds show

Selfie on the site of lights and sounds show

Ayala Lights and Sounds 2013 Video Clips: ENJOY! (:

I dunno what happened at the mid part ):
Nonetheless this video presents a different
light effects than the first one (but without the audio)

Thank you for this! Stress reliever. I will surely watch this again sometime this year and I will also look forward to more Christmas season with you.

Ayala Triangle Garden
Ayala Lights and Sounds Show
Nov. 20, 2013 to December 31, 2013
Every 30 minutes from 6 PM to 9 PM


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