Shirt for a Cause: #TulongPH shirt

So ABS-CBN launched a shirt for a cause which looked like this 

(photo credits to

This shirt has been appealing to the eyes of a lot of my fellow Filipinos not only because of the influence of media (almost all ABS-CBN talents wore this shirt)...
photo from Gary Ann Lastrilla's article at
...but also because of the fact that the sales of this product will be added to the calamity fund of Sagip Kapamilya which is used as of the moment to help the victims of the recent earthquake and super typhoon victims.

I went to Glorietta to buy this shirts and I spent 3 hours to get one. The place is really jampacked.
People start to crowd over the area at about 1:00 PM

Limited purchase per person

Selling start at 6:00 PM

View from above.
See how many people want to buy their shirt.
This is during their PM session but shirts were already sold during
their AM session. The mall open at 10AM and I arrived at this area
at around 11 AM but the shirts were already sold out.

So for future buyers go to the mall as early as possible!

For those who still doesn’t know where to buy these shirts, the following Ayala Malls are selling them: Alabang Town Center, Glorietta, Trinoma, Greenbelt, Market Market, Festival Mall, Harbor Point in Subic, The District Mall in Cavite, and Marquee Mall in Pampanga. You can also order online thru Shopinas and 

Nobody is too poor that s/he can’t help. Let us all help our fellow Filipinos in our own simple way.

For further information about donations/ volunteer work/ locating a loved one visit this tulongPH site.

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with ABS-CBN or any of its sister companies. I just made this blog to promote hope and munificence towards helping the Filipinos during this time of need.)


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