Cakes Galore: Cakes to Go

I am not aware of any of Cakes to go store prior to this day. I was not even aware of any of their cakes and to my surprise some of it cakes was included in top 10 desserts or cakes published in some magazines and in some blogs as well. So I decided to try some of its cake as my birthday cake. 

I went to their branch near Greenhills Shopping Center and I honestly taught that their venue was like a coffee house with some chairs and tables; with coffee or teas to pair with their cakes but I was wrong. To my surprise, their stall was a small stall along the road with a counter that’s all – as their store name implies, cakes to go… everything was for takeout only.

While the cake seller do the dedication for my cake (:
Cake counter
Toblerone Overload
Whole: Php 695
Slice: Php 100
I bought a slice of this cake and it was delicious. Just the right amount of sweetness even though it is covered with toblerone chocolate. 

Quattro Leches
Whole: Php 590
Slice: 100
This is my birthday cake is this… quartto leches. 

This is a chiffon cake layered with milk. Yum! Well its taste just proves that this is really a best seller for its taste is a crowd pleaser - soft, creamy and not too sweet. This is a must try specially for first timers!

From Greenhills Shopping Center, go to the way going to Gilmore thenturn left at the Santolan-Ortigas intersection. Cake2Go will be on the right side. 

8 Jade Garden Compound, Santolan Road, Greenhills, San Juan


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