When the Princess meets Prince Charming: Wedding at Fernbrook Garden

I think this is my first wedding entry since I started blogging at blogspot... 
WARNING: This is just a photo blog. (: Ok so let's start.

My residents got married today in Fernbrook Garden. This is my first time in this venue and I just fell in love with it - fairy tale haven.

I first met with the groom and my friends at Bellevue Hotel, the hotel where the couple were checked-in. 
Bellevue Hotel Lobby
View from the hotel room

with the groom (:

groom with his best man and secondary sponsors

love this shot (: so fun!

Then we head to Fernbrook Garden after the pictorial at the hotel.

and the wedding happen at Notre de Vie Chapel within the venue

the groom

the bride

shot at the altar

the wedding kiss
Mr and Mrs. Cortez

The reception was done in the function hall within Fernbrook Garden.

Here's our photos before the wedding and before the reception.

... and here's our photos from the photo booth and the wedding's official photographer ...

Well, I believe this is also the venue of Zoren Legaspi's surprise wedding to Carmina Villaroel. 
This place is such a lovely place- indeed a great wedding venue.


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