Bonding time over Filipino Food: Mesa Filipino Moderne

I have heard about this restaurant for quite some time already and since I have read good reviews about its food I bought a promotional gift certificate to treat my family here to celebrate my birthday however since my dad was such a kill joy and he don't like dining in restaurants that are quite far from our place he refused to dine here thus I then used the GC to treat my friends instead.

Due to schedule constraints we ended up using the GC by February. Nonetheless, after all the failed attempts we finally fixed our duty schedules are fit this meet as well.

We dine at Mesa Megamall branch. It is located at the 2nd floor Atrium of SM Megamall near Gelatissimo, Yabu, Chili’s, Kitchitora, HK Choi and Gumbo.

The restaurant is a known Filipino restaurant. It serves local food products like sinigang, green mangoes, etc but with quite a twist. It was awarded as Asia Tatler's Awardee for Best Filipino Restaurant for the past three years

I like the restaurant's interiors - simple yet classy. You will not even think that it has a big space for dining when you see it at the mall area.

The waiter and waitress of the restaurant are very accommodating. They are organized and with clear cut assignments. The receptionist guide the guest to their table then endorse them to another employee that will be in charge of your table until you finished dining. Thus, they are able to attend to our needs no matter how jam-packed the place became.

Our order includes boneless crispy pata, sinigang na hipon sa guava, baked scallops, laing 2 ways, adobo flakes rice, steamed okra with tamarind bagoong dipping sauce, mangga salad and panna cotta for dessert.

Sinigang na hipon sa guava

Baked scallops with garlic butter Php 210

Among all these food I liked the sinigang na hipon sa guava and baked scallops. The sinigang was cooked perfectly. The taste of the guava was not so empowering and it blended well with the rest of the other spices. I love baked scallops and although their version does not have a special or distinct taste; I still Iike how they did it for their scallops were not dry and sandy.

Crispy boneless pata Php 440

I was quite disappointed with their crispy pata. It was not well done and I prefer Max’s version better. 

Laing 2 ways Php 150

This is my first time to eat laing. They cooked it two ways – an ordinary one and a spicy one. I liked the spicy version better- flavorful and delicious. As for the adobo flakes rice, it was ok but I like kanin club’s version more.

Steamed okra with tamarind bagoong dipping sauce Php 100

I do not eat okra so I do not know if this dish was good. My friend said that the dip was not very delectable so not much was eaten from this dish.

Mangga salad Php 105

The mangga salad was also delicious. It also has a nice presentation upon serving however the serving size is quite inadequate. 

Lastly, our dessert… well for me it was quite bland. 

Here's some of our photos on the place...

Selfie (:

with Aila

with my twin, Rolan

Aila and Jermie

Group photo (:

Well, if I visit this restaurant again I’ll probably order for their other food products like their sisig and seafood products. I have read quite numerous great reviews for this restaurant and I’m willing to give it another try someday. By then, I’ll look for their top rated dishes and hopefully I’ll like it. Nonetheless, it was a great experience for us.

2/F, Mega Atrium, SM Megamall
EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City
(02) 4704660


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