February 2014 PLE results released

Journey to PLE Journal #11

So the result of the February 2014 Physician Licensure Exam is already released. I am so glad to have seen my friends pass and even top the board exam. 

Click here for the pdf version
However, today what really made me feel genuine happiness was seeing Fritzie pass the boards. I know how much she wanted this exam and I have always been inspired by her story and her being able to gather all her strength and knowledge that she can have to take this exam again after a long hiatus. 

Click here for the complete list of board exam passers
Truly, God’s plans happen on His most perfect timing.

On my side of the story, after I congratulate those who passed the boards they then start pressuring me since they know that I’ll be next in line. But then I already promised my mom that I’ll make my name appear on the board passers result this August… I just hope and pray that my confidence will not backfire… :)

Congratulations to all the PLE Feb 2014 board exam passers. 

Countdown: 176 days to go before PLE August 2014.


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