Exquisite Japanese Food at Toki

Toki is a Japanese restaurant located in front of St. Luke's Global City. Specifically it is at the 2nd floor of 32nd and 5th building. I opt to try their food and since I hate going to much populated areas I ended up dining at Toki.

Actually, it may look like Toki is a very high end Japanese restaurant. It looks so sophisticated outside that can somehow intimidate a commoner but actually they can cater to any type of costumer however most of their diners are expats and foreigners probably because of the nature of people working in the area where it is located.

What I like about the restaurant was its quiet and good Japanese ambiance. Upon entering the restaurant the guard will lead you to a receptionist that will take you to their dining are. The staffs were also friendly and nice.

I ordered for tonkatsu.

Since I visited the area alone I tried just one dish. The serving was ample and it taste good however I prefer Yabu's version of Katsu. I find Yabu's dishes more flavorful and more tummy filling plus it is cheaper than Toki's.

Japanese Fusion and Fine Dining
2nd Floor, 32nd and 5th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
028567295/ 0285679528


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