Lartian's Alternative: Matia's Bbq Food Haus

Who would not have read about Cebu's famous Lartian where a lot of grilled foods were served. I have visited Lartian lasy year and I wanted to bring my family there as well but a friend of mine suggested a better option- Matia's Bbq Food Haus.

My friend told me that dince we came from J. Centre Mall it will be easier for us to have our dinner at Matia's instead since Lartian is far fron the area plus Matia's also have the same grilled foods like Lartian's minus the concrete ceiling.

I liked Matia's Bbq Food Haus better than Lartian's. The taste amd price of the food were similar but the venue and ambiance was better at Matia's. The service was also better. Although, Matia's is more populated but they have parking space allotted for their visitors unlike Lartian's who have none.

To sum it all up, I enjoyed Martia's Bbq Food Haus better. They have more organized food selling and staff. They serve great food, the place was very spacious and can accomodate a lot of patrons and they have a parking lot. 

Matia's Bbq Food Haus
AS Fortuna St (Banilad)
Cebu City, Cebu


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