Photo shoot in Cebu Trick Art Museum

Visiting Cebu almost every year will make you look for something new to visit other than the historical places and monuments.

I have seen a lot of photos of Trick Art Museum but most of it was taken at South Korea. So, I was not aware if there is a trick art museum in the Philippines until I saw a newspaper article about Cebu Trick Art Museum. And today, we visited and took a lot of photos there.

We super had fun. Although there were less staff to assist you when you want to take a fam photo so never go there alone... always bring someone who can took your photograph. The optical illusions brought about by the painting were so cool. So when in Cebu... you might want to take a look at Cebu Trick Art Museum.

Cebu Trick Art Museum
3rd Level, J Centre Mall
AS Fortuna Street, Bakilid
Cebu City
(+6332) 260 0777


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