Italian Pasta Place at its Finest: Cibo

Feeling Italian at Cibo

After watching Wicked in Manila, my friend and I decided to have our early dinner at Makati instead. She recommended Cibo since she told me that they serve great food and so we ended dining at Cibo Greenbelt 5.

All I wanted that day was pasta and since Cibo was known for their pastas I agreed to dine in there. I have seen Cibo in quite a lot of malls but I never tried dining there until now; I am indeed very thankful that Mira insisted on having our dinner there.

The servers of the restaurant were very friendly and accommodating. They responded well to our requests. I also like the fact that they served us with a smile.

The pastas were really good - very tasty and flavorful. I love the idea of them offering a choice of making the pasta changed to wheat instead of rigatoni, linguini, etc. At least I got to enjoy my pasta on a healthier note.

We also ordered for a pizza and it was humongous (at least for 2 persons). It was very tummy filling.

Mira enjoying her pasta

We left the place happy and contented. I’ll definitely go back to Cibo whenever I crave for more well done pasta.

2/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St
Legazpi Village, Makati

(02) 758-2426


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