Mom and Tina's the second time around

I was able to visit this restaurant last December 2013 and had blogged it as well. But for today my sister and I successfully lured our parents to dine here as well to celebrate my mom's birthday.

View from the parking area

Jampacked place

Breads and cupcakes

Cakes <3 <3 <3

Our seat for tonight... the cozy couch

with sister

Fam shot before eating (:

For our visit today I appreciate the attentiveness of all their staff. They are very friendly and pleasant. Special mention to sir Angel, who was our server for the day.

I ordered for U.S.Roast Beef while my sister ordered for Fish and Chips. My mom, on the other hand, ordered for Salisbury steak while my dad ordered for US Skirt Steak with fries.

Bottomless Blue Lemonade (Php 80)

U.S. Roast Beef (Php 385)
Juicy slices of roast beef with gravy
served with mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes AND rice

Their U.S. Roast Beef was well done. Easy to eat and very tummy filling. It was also worth the price. You can never go wrong with this order.

Fish and Chips (Php 295)
Breaded fish fillet served with french fries and tartar sauce

For my sister's order. It was also very delicious. Although, she had to order additional rice for it but not so carbo lover the dish was also good without a rice. I also love how they do their tartar sauce. Such a delish! (:

I failed to have a taste my parents' order but they look very delicious too. They also look satisfied after eating anyway. 
Salisbury Steak Quarter pound (Php 260)
Grilled sirloin patties served with gravy, mashed potatoes and rice

U.S. Skirt Steak (Php 395)
tender, tasty beef hot off the grill. Served with buttered vegetables,
gravy and choice of mashed potatoes, fries or rice

After eating we even ordered some desserts for take out. You must not leave this place without trying their white toblerone walnut torte. My favorite dessert. (: Below are also some photos of our desserts. All are superb! (but of course I am quite bias and favor white toblerone walnut torte above all others)

White Toblerone Walnut Torte (Php 120)

Mango Walnut Torte (Php 105)

Caramel Profiterole (Php 55)

Cinnamon Bun and Beef Ensaymada

Just like before, this is a must visit place!!! Here's a copy of their menu as well as their branch list.

Monday to Sunday 10AM to 11PM
FRDC Building 106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
(C-5), Pasig City
Tel: 914-0833 or 571-1541


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