SJDH Annual Interns case Presentation

Journey to PLE Journal # 20

Today is the Annual Case Presentation of San Juan de Dios Hospital... While the presentor say her piece I had a chance to chat with Kat, 1st year OB resident. We sort of talked about me going to have my review on May. One of the things that she said strucked me. And I quote her, "Ang lapit na. Yung review ienjoy mo ha. Ok naman yun eh kasi kahit papaano hawak mo yung oras mo basta parte partehen mo kasi madami. Basta ang isipin mo na lang e yung ibang doktor nga alam tong mga inaaral ko ngayon dapat alam ko rin! Kasi magagamit mo naman talaga sya kahit hindi man lumabas sa boards gagamitin mo din sya sa practice."

Sometimes, when you are near something that you are very aware that it will be a turning point in your life you just need someone to make you realize that what you will go thru will all be worth it. Right now that random conversation with Kat really gave a tap on the back and sort of relieve as well. Probably that was one of the reason why God let me watch the intern's case inspite all the negative stuffs that happened yesterday. On the other hand, watching how the presentors presented their case made me miss presenting case reports. Soon... For now, boards muna.

Congrats guys! (:

COUNTDOWN: 119 days before PLE 2014 and 15 days before the start of PLE review.


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