Strengthening our Friendship Bond at Yabu: House of Katsu

Our friendship does not happen while we’re on med school even though we have been classmates for 4 years. Our friendship occurred last year; very unexpected occurrence actually for we’re from different set of barkadas and we somehow have different personalities but nonetheless we clicked.

Yabu Robinson's Magnolia is the place where we celebrated our friendship last year and what made this place even more memorable is the reason that this is also the same restaurant where we received the news/call from our professor that we will graduate medicine. Happy memories indeed.

During the first time that we dine in Yabu Robinson’s Magnolia there were only 3 Yabu branches- Megamall, SM MOA and this one. But wherever Yabu branch you dine in expect that it is always jampacked. 

Yabu Robinson’s Magnolia is located at the Ground floor, Robinson’s Magnolia in Dona Hemady Street, New Manila, Quezon City. It is near the mall’s food court beside Kenny Roger’s and Mercury Drug Store. You will never miss it for it is easily seen once you go down thru the escalator near the mall’s entrance gate at Dona Hemady street (plus, usually there is a line of people waiting to be seated in this area).

This is what I want with this restaurant. No matter how populated it is their staffs are very accommodating, friendly and entertaining to every customer’s request. Even during the time when they open the restaurant for dine for a cause to help the typhoon Haiyan victims they never rattle over the numerous orders and requests of their customers. 

What I love with this restaurant is that they offer food products with reasonable prices. Their foods has almost the same price with other Japanese restaurants but the flavor, the way they prepare their food as well as the different spices and dressings that you can choose from makes it different. Also, they serve unlimited cabbage, fruits, rice and miso soup. Your diet will definitely be ruined when you dine with this restaurant but their food product is definitely worth the break.

Yabu's classic spices and dressings

Yabu's sesame seeds. They give this to all customers
where you crush the seeds and mix it with their dressings.
This is intended for their cabbage
I usually order either rosu (pork loin) set or chicken katsu set but now I decided to try rosu katsu curry for a change (and due to Rolan’s persistent recommendation of the food as well). 

Photograph of the Rosu set
(photo taken last November 13, 2013)
Rosu Tonkatsu for Php 355 (120 g)
3/4 inch thick, juice pork cutlet with a trimming of fat.
Served with unlimited Japanese white rice or organic brown rice,
miso soup, Japanese pickles, organic cabbage and a bowl of fruit
(photo taken last November 13, 2013)

My order... Rosu Katsu Curry

Rosu Katsu Curry - Very Hot (Php 375)
Yabu's homemade Japanese curry which is cooked either
not so spicy, hot or very hot depending on your preference.
Also served with unlimited Japanese white rice or organic
brown rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, organic cabbage
and a bowl of fruit
I must admit that Rolan is right. Perfect Japanese curry! The taste was so delicious and the serving was so generous (well, they serve a lot no matter what dish you order anyway). But this was better than my previous orders. I am not really a curry fan but this one is a must endorsed one- very well done.

Oh and btw, Yabu offer a trivia regarding katsudon… Here it is…

So we decided to dine here again sometime in August 15 for good luck to our board examination on August 16. (:

Hayst! Food and friendship is love. 
Here's our photo one year ago
(absent si Jermie d:)

Here's our photo collage today
Upper left: Rolan, Upper right: Jermie
Lower left: Me, Lower right: Aila

Jermie and Rolan before eating

My photo with Aila before eating

I really had a happy tummy today. This is my 4th time dining with this restaurant and I will definitely go back again someday!!! For those who haven’t tried eating here yet… You’re missing a lot!

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Yabu: House of Katsu
G/F Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Blvd cor Doña M Hemady Ave, Valencia, Quezon City
(02) 9614975


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